Organized Kickstart

3 Step Plan



The world has changed drastically in the last several months. Those of us who once worked in an office setting are now sitting at our kitchen table in front of a laptop dodging spoon-launched cheerios from our three-year-old. Without the help of full-time daycare or school, we are now faced with filling the role of part-time or even full-time teacher…along with everything else on our heaping plate.


If life wasn’t chaotic enough before the pandemic, it’s certainly feeling that way now.


There hasn’t been a time, in my life, when people have felt more trapped in their own homes than now. With limited social and professional options, we are forced to make do with what is at home.


And what is at home…?


Clutter, mess, disfunction, chaos…more than ever before because now everyone is spending way more time at home.


Chances are the house was already feeling cluttered and schedules were already a bit of a scrambled mess, but now?


We are moving into uncharted territory. 


Thankfully there’s hope. That desk you always wanted to use but was always piled with papers? Now the need for that usable space can help be the motivational push you need to get the papers sorted and the desk space workable.


Let me help you kickstart your organized life!


I’m going to outline 3 simple steps to get you started on your organizating journey. It’s easier than you think. Let’s jump in!







Step 1:

Choose a Room/Space to Organize


That’s it. Simply choose the place where you want to start. You might be thinking, but the WHOLE house needs organizing! How can you choose just one space to start with when you are already so overwhelmed with the entire concept. Fear not! We’re going to break it down to a manageable task.


Here are some ideas to help you choose:


  • Instead of starting with an entire room, scale down to a single area within a room.
      • Desk
      • Entertainment System
      • Kitchen Island
      • Dining Room Table
      • Entry Way Table
      • Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
  • Choose the space that most often comes to mind when you think: “If only that spot wasn’t so bad…” “It wouldn’t seem so messy if that spot looked nicer…”
  • Start with a space you already have ideas for.
  • Go with necessity.
      • Your child is now doing school at home part-time and needs a desk to work at. You have one, but instead of being a work surface, it’s a final resting place for anything and everything that doesn’t seem to have a home anywhere else. Options: buy a new desk and continue to bury the old one OR organize the one you already have!


Lastly, if the thought of an entire room makes you anxious take it down to a surface within the room. If that’s too much take it down to a drawer-sized area.


The focus here is to simply get started.


SO that’s it. Choose the room/space to get started with. That’s it. 



Next in the Kickstart Plan:


Step 2




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