Faith is #1 in our family.

It’s not always easy to keep God at the top of the priority list, however.

Find out how my family and I work to keep our relationship with Christ thriving.



My husband is #2 and my daughter is #3.

It might sound strange but if you stick with me on this I promise it’ll make sense.



A balanced life starts with an organized life!

That goes for our spirituality, homes, emotional and physical health, etc.

Keeping all the areas of our lives organized and intentional lends itself to feeling balanced and more peaceful.

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Physical, mental, emotional – we deal with it all every day. How we decide to maneuver these areas effects how we live our daily lives.

We each have very unique circumstances. In sharing mine I hope to offer insight that can help you navigate yours.


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My #1 Goal for This Blog

Provide you with information and materials to aid you in your journey to a healthy balanced life. 

BALANCE is essential to living a healthy, intentional, and productive life. 

My aim in this blog is to provide you with content that will put you directly on that path toward balance in every area of your life.

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