Thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce myself and share with you what I have to offer.

My name is Dana. I’m new to the blogging game, but I have a plan of action that I would love your help with.

I’m a simple girl. Grew up in a small town as a dairy farmer’s daughter. Thirty-minute drive to Wal-mart.

Now I’m living in what feels like a big city. Five-minute walk to Target.

Mine isn’t a story from rags to riches, but it is a story of change. And finding balance in that change.

One of my strongest beliefs is learning from experiences, my own and those from the people around me.


Knowing we are not alone in our struggle can be one of our greatest tools to combat the lie that we are on our own.


Join me on this journey of support and encouragement as we navigate our crazy lives and bring balance to our families.

3 Goals of This Blog

#1 Share stories from my past and present that offer insight into subjects like childhood grief, waiting on God, and newlywed life. I’m striving to be a voice of hope in your world of noise. Bringing balance to those struggling.

#2 I’m a wife! You too? I’d love to encourage you along the way. Share personal insights, struggles, and triumphs!

#3 Offer resources to families to aid them in maintaining a healthy life balance.

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