3 Emotional Truths of Physical Health Struggles

As I write this post my husband is experiencing abdominal pain, which means a possible emergency department visit and/or inpatient stay.

My mind is in a fog, but I know I still need to keep moving forward.

3 Essentials to Surviving Inpatient Stay Stress

For anyone who has experienced an extended inpatient hospital stay or who has had a loved one in that position knows that it is not an easy one to be in. In my experience, there are three things that need to be kept at the top of my to-do list in order to maintain some semblance of sanity through one of my husband’s inpatient stays.

Poem Library

I started writing poems in college while I was getting my bachelor’s degree. They are written from the heart and are meant to encourage and bring hope. These poems have been hidden away in a drawer since college and I’m wanting to dust them off and offer them to others as a form of comfort and commiseration.

You are not alone as you go through your struggles! Others have been there and are currently there. I’ve created this Poem Library to help spread that hope of appreciation of where you are in your struggle.

Gaining access to my Poem Library is free. Click the link below to find out how.



Mental Health

Chronic Illness